24 de May de 2016 <Atrás

Factor Humà Foundation, an organization which works for the improvement of workforce management in companies, celebrated its eighth edition of  “Factor Humà Mercè Sala” award on the 12th of May this year.

An award that this foundation gives every year to distinguish companies that follow the principles of Mercè Sala: human treatment, pragmatism, innovation and global vision.

Bemypartner works in conjunction with Factor Humà Foundation in order to spread over nation what the foundation does and to promote its values. We strongly believe in the positive effect of a happy workforce in companies. Employees are companies’ soul and the best brand ambassadors that companies can ask for.

Our agency has been organising different events during this 2016 along with Factor Humà Foundation. For instance, an informative and formal breakfast on the 20th of April, called “Good synergies and intangibles as tools to increase companies´ productivity”. This event had the participation of Jordi Garriga, main director and partner of e-Motiva, Nora Solé, regional HR director of Leroy Merlin, José Miguel de la Dehesa, director of people and social responsability at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Pedro Arellano, president of Factor Humà Foundation and Anna Fornés, director of Factor Humà Foundation.

In a highly connected society like ours it is fundamental being able to communicate who we are and the values we support. Besides it is necessary to reach and communicate with our target and people who might be interested in what we do.

Consequently, from our communication agency we work daily to connect our clients with their public and to increase the reach of their messages in media and social networks. A multichannel era requires omnipresence, a task that companies cannot do on their own due to lack of time or lack of the specialized skills in the workforce.

Nowadays, communication agencies are multitasking, they manage corporative communication from an integral point of view, they analyse all the communication channels, they are proactive and they are able to connect with different publics. We are passionate about what we do and we thank all our clients for their trust because their satisfaction is our best reward.


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