We grow with you

We offer integrated, creative and effective services.
Tell us about your goals and we will make a plan.

Press office

We offer integrated, creative and effective services. Tell us about your goals and we will make a plan.


We organize creative and memorable experiences for the brand, media and attendees. We design tailor-made events for every type of audience and goal: press conferences, launches, anniversaries, openings, charity events, etc. We listen to your needs and make sure your event has value and personality.

Social Media & Marketing de Contenidos

¿Tu marca está presente en las redes sociales? ¿Tienes página web? ¿Blog? Te ayudamos a conocer a tu público y a acercar tu marca al consumidor. Nos encargamos de elaborar un plan detallado de marketing de contenidos y optimizado para las diferentes plataformas digitales. Personalizamos tus mensajes para que lleguen a quien tienen que llegar.

Influencer Marketing

It’s not the future, it’s the present. Do you want to increase your brand’s ROI? The content generated by an influencer has a higher conversion rate than any other marketing. That’s why we enhance your brand image and boost sales of your product and service thanks to creative strategies with influencers.


We offer specialised training for managers and companies with a clear professional and practical approach, including training for spokespeople, public speaking, managing a PR crisis, communication for women entrepreneurs, social media for professionals, personal branding, etc. Always knowing what to say and how to say it is essential for your brand’s image.

Crisis communication

Brand reputation is crucial for survival in such a competitive environment. We develop communication plans in the context of crisis situations. We appoint spokespeople and train them, design key messages and manage communication with the media. This way, we can accompany you, protect your business and satisfy your customers. You are in good hands.

Audiovisual production
& graphic design

We make your website and digital channels as dynamic as possible with audiovisual productions and graphic design. We produce corporate videos and reports for the media and organise brand, product, event and team shoots. And we add value and a dash of creativity with our branding and graphic design service.

Internal communications

The health of a business comes from the inside and is seen from the outside. At Bemypartner, we help you manage communication channels and messages for your employees to put across your corporate identity and values, promote communication with the team, empower them and foster the company culture.